Harvest Host Review: Triple Creek Winery in Maryland

October 19, 2022

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is famous for many things, delicious crab cakes, sandy white beaches, the Chesapeake Bay and wine, yes wine! There is even a Chesapeake Wine Trail. One of the wineries worth exploring is a Harvest Host called Triple Creek Winery in Cordova, MD. Their tasting room is in a picturesque barn and in a quiet farming community. It was started by four brothers and they know how to make great wine because they are fifth generation farmers. 

After a long day of driving from New York, the peaceful winery was exactly what I was looking forward to. Once I arrived, I set up and headed to the tasting room, where Goose was welcomed with open paws by their friendly farm dog who was a young Rottweiler. They have a great selection of reds and I really enjoyed their Chesapeake Reserve, which features a Chesapeake Bay Retriever on the label. I loved it so much that I bought a bottle to bring home to share with Andy. 

Chesapeake Reserve, Triple Creek Winery
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Not only is Triple Creek Winery in Maryland a wonderful winery but it is also a community hub. They host many events throughout the year and one of their most popular is the Chesapeake Bay Balloon Festival. I spoke with one of their team members who explained how people come from all over the United States to experience the balloons at the winery.

After the tasting room closed, I enjoyed dinner in LJ with Goose and then ventured out to the winery fire ring to meet my Harvest Host neighbors. These snowbirds were from Canada and on their way to Arizona for the winter. They too were exploring Maryland’s eastern shore and much of the best parts of the eastern seaboard before heading to Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks and then off to the Great Smoky Mountains. They shared their plans for staying the winter in Quartzsite, Arizona, which had me researching the following weekend where they were heading. They were extremely friendly and had been RVing for a long time. In fact, the RV they were staying in was a small one for traveling as their large fifth wheel was permanently stored in Arizona.

If you are hoping to stay at the winery as a Harvest Host member, it’s best to call them or email them directly and it also states that on their membership page. They are most responsive this way and you can even call after hours.  To read more Harvest Host Reviews, you can visit my blogs.


  • Love the views from the winery and campground. Would be fun to taste the wine and then stay there also.

    • A
      Tessa Travels

      Thank you so much and you’ll love it if you visit.

  • Being at Triple Creek Winery during the balloon festival would be a cool experience. Watching the balloons take flight with a good glass of wine sounds like a fantastic afternoon!

    • A
      Tessa Travels

      I can only imagine! Hopefully one day I’ll get to experience it.

  • I live in Spain and we have a huge winemaking culture over here. I’ve visited quite a few Spanish wineries, but would be so interested to check the Triple Creek Winery in Maryland after reading your post! Thanks for the inspiration

    • A
      Tessa Travels

      I’ve been to Spain too – Rioja region! We hope you make it to Maryland for a visit!

  • Triple Creek Winery sounds like a relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine. I would love to see the Chesapeake Bay Balloon Festival too!

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