memphis mud island img 3798
Memphis Mud Island Img 3798

Walking In Memphis: Discovering the City’s Best Parks for Exercise

October 1, 2023

The perfect time to visit Memphis, Tennessee, if you enjoy walking, is in September. I was traveling with my son and was able to enjoy many athletic yet scenic walks along its numerous parks and trails while he was busy working. Memphis is a city known for its rich musical history, delectable cuisine, and vibrant…

Canaan Valley
Img 3109

Camping at Canaan Valley, West Virginia

July 28, 2023

Taking my Airstream to West Virginia has been a goal since I bought LJ. I lived in West Virginia briefly while in elementary school and is where I developed my love for the outdoors. We were blessed to have a large wooded hill behind our home and I spent hours outside swinging on hanging vines…

Green Acres Campground NC
Img 1083

Camping In Eastern North Carolina at Green Acres

June 6, 2023

Finding opportunities to camp in eastern North Carolina can be challenging with very few options. Thankfully, I was aware of Green Acres Campground because I grew up spending summers there in the small community of Bear Grass, NC near Williamston. Often I get the opportunity to work festivals assisting our team with social media marketing…

Jordan Lake State Recreation Park
Looking out over Jordan Lake on one of the trails

Camping at Jordan Lake State Park Recreation Area North Carolina

May 17, 2023

My first camping experience this year in LJ, my Airstream, was a weekend trip to Jordan Lake State Park Recreation Area in Apex, North Carolina. One of my goals is to visit more state parks because from my own experience, comparing a state park to an RV park, the state parks are more rustic. If…

sannino winery
Sannino Winery

Visiting North Fork’s Beautiful Wine Trail in Long Island

April 30, 2023

Over the past four years, my husband and I have been blessed with frequent travels to Long Island, New York to visit our son at his school. We have made wonderful friends through his schoolmates and celebrated lots of events like parents weekends, birthdays and graduation. In April, we were invited to travel again to…

Img 4099
Img 4099

Falls Lake State Recreation Area, Durham, NC

January 11, 2023

Today, as I dream of getting out on new Airstream adventures in LJ, I’m reminiscing back to one of my first trips of the season last year. I had a goal of exploring more state parks and started searching from some across North Carolina. If you’re looking for a quick camping getaway but still want…