Golden Grove Farm and Brew near Piedmont, SC

April 5, 2022

I traveled to see my friend in South Carolina, and I thought it would be a great time to book a stay at another Harvest Host. This time I found a cool place in Piedmont, SC, called Golden Grove Farm and Brew. I had planned on staying there on my way back to North Carolina after my friend’s bridal shower. I was driving to Greenville, SC from another campground in South Carolina and the drive was nice but the campground wasn’t so I won’t name it here. This was the first time I would be leaving Goose alone in the camper while I was attending the shower. He was only parked outside for a few hours and he behaved well! It was cold outside too so I didn’t have to worry about inside temperatures. He seemed at ease and nothing in the camper was out of place when I returned so Goose passed that test.

Hh Goldengrove Featured Image
Hh Goldengrove Featured Image

After the beautiful shower celebrating sweet Mary Kate, I headed on the road to the brewery. The town nearby looked like an older textile town with some old brick factories on a river. Once I got to the brewery, there was a field next to it where we were to park. There were two class As already parked there so I had to back into a spot. Since I was still learning how to back up LJ, this was a disaster. I also had to level the camper in the red clay ground which was a little wet from the winter meltdown. I must have looked like an idiot! It took me half an hour to back up and level ole LJ. Once I did, Goose and I headed over to the brewery to have a beer and some pizza because I was mentally tired! While hanging out, I met the other Harvest Host campers whose husbands joked me on my backing up skills (it was all good because I thought it was funny too)! There was live music there that evening and it was great!

This brewery had a great feel to it. It felt like hanging out at your neighbor’s farm and having a few drinks with your friends in their metal building. Plus, the craft beer was great and the pizza was delicious. If you are heading to the mountains of South Carolina I would recommend a stop at this Harvest Host!

I learned a good lesson on this trip too. The temperatures dipped down that night to below freezing and I thought I had enough propane in my tanks. I did not and it ran out in the middle of the night. Goose and I cuddled together and when the sun rose, we packed it up and headed out quickly for some warm coffee at a nearby gas station. Sleeping in freezing temperatures wasn’t terrible, but I don’t want to wake up that cold in the camper again! When I’m boondocking, it’s so much nicer to wake up, boil water, make my own pour over coffee and enjoy the quiet moments of a sunrise. To read more Harvest Host Reviews, you can visit my blogs.

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