First Time Camping Alone – Thousand Trails

August 9, 2021

After my first trip camping with Andy, it was time to try my first time camping along with Goose. My parents have always been members of Thousand Trails since the eighties and I grew up loving my summers camping at their numerous locations across the United States. Our home base campground was the one in Gloucester, Virginia. My parents had planned a week’s stay there and I decided to tag along. It was a win-win since I would get some quality time with them and dad would be nearby in case I had some camper questions.

Since I still had my Honda Passport and had no towing experience whatsoever, Andy towed LJ, the Airstream, for four hours to the campground, dropped me off and drove back all in one day. (Did I mention he is an amazingly kind and generous husband?) He even set up the camper for me but I watched and learned. I knew I would need to do this several times before I felt comfortable truly going it alone.
It was a great week! I worked from the trailer, cooked dinner for my parents each day, took long walks down memory lane and spent time with Goose. This Thousand Trails had a dog park with an agility course. Australian Shepherds are known as agility dogs but let’s just say Goose needs a lot more practice. I really enjoyed my morning walks all over the campground. It was quite large and allowed me to get in about three miles each morning. I had big aspirations that Goose and I would leave and head out to Colonial Williamsburg on this trip for some nice long walks but I really just enjoyed the time with my parents two campsites away so didn’t feel the urge to leave. Time with those we love isn’t something we can get back after they are gone so I’m glad that we have that time together. I hope to get some additional camping trips with them soon! To read more of my adventures at campgrounds, check out all of my blogs.

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